Winter Season 2019-2020

Adult Lessons available under the direction of John Russo, U.S.P.T.A.

Head Tennis Professional, John Russo, has just completed his 44th year at Franklin Lakes Racquet Club. John and his staff have been known through the years for their patience and understanding, and have developed lesson programs to accommodate all levels of play

Private Lessons

Individual private lessons will be given by our tennis pro. Start from the beginning or polish up your game. Consult John for arrangements as to date and time.

$105 per hour

$55 per 1/2 hour

Semi-Private Lessons

Limited to two players; assuring the personal attention of our tennis professionals. Meets 10 times for 10 total hours.

$550 per person for the 10 weeks

Group Lessons

Beginners to advanced. Our tennis professionals will work with classes of four players every week for 1 hour. Each person will receive individual attention and intensive instruction. Groupd are always arranged according to ability level.

$240 per person for 8 week season

Women’s Drill & Play Program

This program is specifically designed for players with some experience who wish to improve their tactics and strategy in a supervised play situation. Players must qualify for entry into this program.

$360 per person for 8 - 1.5 hour weekly sessions

Please call us with any questions on court availability & rates! (201) 891-7111


Club Features

Private Parties

We are now taking bookings for Saturday Night Parties. The entire club is yours from 7:00pm to 11:pm for $600

Child Care

Child care is available weekday mornings from 9am-12pm. Please call ahead if you are bringing a child. (201) 819-0509